Call for Papers

ICELT 2018

1.  Language teaching, learning, and assessment

  • Teaching : methods/techniques in teaching different courses (e.g. Language skills, Literature, Translation, ESP); teaching young, adolescent, and adult learners; linguistics and language teaching; intercultural communication in language teaching

  • Learning : approaches to promote learning; learner autonomy; motivation; learning styles; lifelong learning 

  • Assessment : testing; summative and formative assessment; alternative assessment; formative feedback; assessment for lifelong learning

2.  Curriculum and materials development curriculum and materials design, implementation, and evaluation; lesson planning; developing materials for different groups of learners; developing specific types of materials   

3.  Technology in language teaching incorporating technology into the English curriculum, teaching, and learning; e-learning; social networks

4.  Management and leadership in ELT policies; program management; accreditation and quality assurance; professional development

Guidelines for Abstracts, Papers, Posters, Roundtable Discussions

  • All submitted abstracts, papers, and posters must represent original work.

The abstract should include:

    1. title of the presentation (no more than 15 words).

    2. abstract text:

  -  Please signify whether the abstract is for a full paper presentation, poster presentation or roundtable discussion.

   - The abstract text should be in one single paragraph of 200 words maximum and consist of: background information/context; aims and scope of the paper; methods and major findings (for empirical papers) or key issue(s) analysed/discussed in the paper (for theoretical papers); and implications and/or conclusions.

    3. key words (maximum 5).

The abstract must be submitted by 05 July 2018. The acceptance of abstracts will be notified to the author(s) by  15 July 2018 .

    The paper must not exceed 5,000 words (including references and appendices) and should comprise these basic elements in the following order:

    • title (centred, upper case, 14 point Times New Roman, and preferably not more than 15 words)

    • author name(s), affiliation, and email address of corresponding author in italics

    • abstract (1” margins on all sides, 10 point Times New Roman, and single spacing)

    • key words (maximum 5)

    • main text (12 point Times New Roman, APA referencing style)

    • references

    • brief biodata of no more than 50 words

    The full paper should be submitted by 15 August 2018 via email. The address is "".

    Each full paper presentation is allotted 20 minutes for presentation plus 10 minutes for questions.

    • Posters should be at most 122 cm high x 92 cm wide (H=4ft, W=3ft), and are to be displayed vertically.

    • Adhesive tape will be provided.

    • Posters must be prepared in advance; supplies for this purpose will not be provided.

    • One of the authors should be at the poster for information and discussion during the time allotted for that particular poster session.

    • Each poster should have a title, the author's name, title, and affiliation.

          Author(s) will informally discuss their research, perspective, and practice in ELT with a small group of interested attendees in 45 - 60 minutes.  

    Please fill this form to propose your abstract.


    • Full paper presentation
    • Poster presentation
    • Roundtable discussion

    Important dates

    5  July 2018:  Abstract submission deadline

    15 July 2018 Notification of abstract acceptance

    15 August 2018 Full paper submission deadline 

    31 August 2018 Notification of poster/ oral presentation

    15 September 2018 Early bird registration deadline

    30 September 2018 Presenter registrations (oral/ poster) close

    23-24 November 2018:  Conference dates